Best Wishes From He-Man of Bollywood

“Dharmendra Ji” is wishing Lokesh Tilakdhari For his Acting Institute

Bollywood Actor & TFTI Founder, Director Lokesh Tilakdhari

is introducing Tilakdhari Films & TV Institute. TFTI is one of the most advanced acting school of North India.

Bollywood Super Star Suniel Shetty

is wishing Lokesh Tilakdhari for his Acting Institute (Tilakdhari Films & TV Institute).

Bollywood Super Star Arshad Warsi

is wishing Lokesh Tilakdhari for his Acting Institute (Tilakdhari Films & TV Institute).

Bollywood Film Director & Producer Anand Kumar

is wishing Lokesh Tilakdhari for his acting institute (Tilakdhari Films & TV Institute).

Bollywood Actor Vatsal Seth (Known For Tarzan The Wonder Car)

is wishing Lokesh Tilakdhari for his Acting Institute (Tilakdhari Films & TV Institute).

TV & Bollywood Film Producer Tarun Rathi

is wishing Lokesh Tilakdhari for his Acting Institute (Tilakdhari Films & TV Institute).

Turn Your Acting Passion into Profession

Our course contents are prepared by top Bollywood celebrities including Actors, Directors, Writers, Singers, Editors & DOP.

Learn Like Bollywood Actors

Our faculties are from NSD, FTII & Bollywood Film Industry.
Our Courses
Professional Acting Course : 3 & 6 Months
Realizing the Self

Body Movement



Speech and Text


Bollywood Dance





Tempo / Rhythm

Gesture / Posture




Different style of acting

Acting theories….. Stanislavski, Grotowski, Brecht etc.

Acting for screen

Scene Preparation

Film Appreciation


Ballet Modern & Contemporary Dance Jazz Hip Hop Bollywood Jazz Folk Dance Broadway/Theater Jazz Lyrical Jazz Salsa Swing Aqua dance Malkhamb / Silk Inner Dance Movement Gymnastics – Dance Therapy Performance and Expression Workshop Dance Show Production & Management Music & Dance Appreciation- Audio/Video Theory of dance (terminologies and definitions) Evolution and History of Dance Biographies (Renowned Choreographers and Performing Artists) Dance Therapy (Teaching dance to people with special needs) Dance Related Films Science of Dance- Anatomy, muscles, physiology, Biomechanics, nutrition, injury Modules to understand the relation between body and mind to dance, creating an awareness to enhance performance skill. Dance Injury Prevention (First-Aid) etc……
Basics of Modeling
Ramp & Cat walk
Green room
Back stage management
Portfolio posses
Grooming & body language
Modeling agency management
Casting couch culture
Middleman threat
Hair & skin care
Fitness & Diet
Positive mental attitude
Basic acting classes
Stage presence & charisma
Team and individual performance
Modeling with accessories
Attitude Etc……..
History and Context of Music
Vocal Training
Hindustani Classical
Bollywood Style
Folk Singing
Script Writing
Developing a basic idea into a concept
Story building & basic plots
Synopsis & Treatment writing
Understanding screenplay form
Building up dramatic scenes
Writing the screenplay-dialogue drafts
Character, character graph, and action
Designing the shooting script
Other forms of script like TV serial, Ad, and documentary Etc……….
Film Production Managment
Location Scouting
Breaking down the film script for scheduling
Guidelines for practical work in India
Pre-Production Work
Crew management
Post production Etc……….
Film Editing
Introduction Editing Software
Editing Techniques
Sync audio with video tracks
Video Effects
Editing Promotional Videos
Montage Making
Editing as an art
Advanced technique
Editing Film Promos
Editing of Multiple camera shoots
Titling and Effects in Motion
Ad Film Making
DOP- Cinematography
  • COURSES COVERS – Types of camera, What is SLR, DLR, composition, Camera and its lenses, correct and wrong framing and composition, depth of field, understanding color, limitation and advantage of low light shoot, esthatics of photography, creativity and its definition, glamour photography, table top, product photography, still life photography, make up, styling and hair styling.
Basics of Direction and film making techniques.
Understanding types of films like Documentaries, Ad films, TV Serials, Short films, Feature films.
Grammar of screen direction
Screenplay conversion
Pre thinking the editing process
Aesthetics in screen direction
Song shooting-Director’s point of view
Working practice & General guidelines
Art of camera & understanding camera operations
The Basic Building Blocks
The Art of Composition
‘Shots’ and continuity
Lighting Techniques
Exposure concepts
Indoor & Outdoor Shoots
Sound Recording
Basic electronics
Sound reinforcement
Signal processing
Studio acoustic design
Digital technology
Stereo and surround sound
5.1 Surround Sound final mix for films
Analog Console
Digital console
Digital audio workstations
Mixing techniques
Musical instrument digital interface- MIDI
Audio post-production
Advanced surround sound mix for films
Fashion Designing
Elements of Design
Fashion Industrial Language
Basic Principle of Fashion
Stitching Methods & Applications
Draping – 1 Practical
Fashion Illustration
Different Body Drape Element a function of clothing
Introduction to textile theory
History of costumes
Introduction to pattern making practical
Garments construction
Sewing technology part-II
Textile science processing
Advance science processing
Advance computer software
History of Indian Fashion
Market Dynamics
Practical- Portfolio Development
Best Wishes From He-Man of Bollywood
Lokesh Tilakdhari is like my son. I wish him and his team my best wishes and good luck from the core of my heart and I pray to God for the grand success of his acting institute. "Dharmendra Ji"

He-Man of Bollywood, Evergreen Super Star

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